Validation Warning 7108

Message: No English Language Proficiency Code (ELP Code) has been provided. The Composite Proficiency Level (1-6) is determined by the prior year administration of the DPI-approved ACCESS for ELLs test, regardless of which district, local educational agency, or Choice school in which the test was administered. For Choice schools required to administer ACCESS for ELLs (those that accept Title III funds), an ELP code should be submitted. Some Choice schools may not administer ACCESS for ELLs. In these cases, there is insufficient evidence of ELP level and the submitted ELP Code should remain blank. For Choice schools that administer the ACCESS for ELLs test, the current year English Language Proficiency Code (ELP Code) should equal the number to the left of the decimal in the prior year Overall Composite Proficiency Level, unless the student has newly enrolled in the state if WI, at which point an ELP Screener should be administered and the Screener score submitted in place of the ACCESS Overall Composite score.

How to Fix: This warning appears if a student does not have an English Language Proficiency (ELP) code submitted to WISEdata. If your Choice school administers the ACCESS for ELLs test, submit an ELP code for the student. If you are aware of the student's ELP code for the current school year, submit that code to WISEdata through your SIS.
If your Choice school does not administer the ACCESS for ELLs test and is unsure of the student's participation in the ACCESS assessment beyond the previous school year, you can leave the student's ELP code blank and acknowledge this warning.
For more information, see the English Language Proficiency data element page.
Example: District Deb sees a warning that Anthony, a student at her Choice school, does not have an ELP code submitted to WISEdata. Deb determines that her Choice school does administer the ACCESS for ELLs assessment, so she finds out Anthony's code determined by that assessment and submits it to WISEdata.

Technical Details

Business Logic: If Agency type is choice school and limitedEnglighProficiencyDescriptor is NULL on SEOA
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