New WISEadmin Portal Released



The new WISEadmin Portal is now available! WISEadmin Portal includes a new, streamlined process for submitting data errata letters that notify DPI of corrections to snapshot data. Starting today, if you need to submit data errata, you’ll do it through WISEadmin Portal.

First, make sure you have access to WISEadmin Portal. To log in, go to the WISEdata Secure Home page and select WISEadmin Portal from the list of applications. If you can’t log in to WISEadmin Portal through Secure Home, contact your district security administrator and ask them to assign you the Agency role for WISEadmin Portal.

Then, check out the new user guide for submitting data errata through WISEadmin Portal to learn about the easy new process. If you need any additional guidance, please contact WISEsupport via Help Desk Ticket.



DPI Customer Services Team

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