Validation Error 6569

Error 6569


  • Short Text: Term Completion Indicator is 'Yes' in multiple enrollment records in your school or agency.


  • Long Text: Term Completion Indicator is 'Yes' in multiple enrollment records in your school or agency.


  • How to Fix: Verify which school the student was enrolled in for the end of the term in question. If the student should remain as a 'yes' for your school for the term completed indicator, work with the other school in your district to remove the 'yes' from their records to avoid the student appearing to have completed a school term in multiple locations. However, based on this error, it is more likely the other school is the most recent enrollment holder. If the other school is indeed the current enrollment holder and the location where the student finished, enter an exit date when the student switched schools and remove the Term Completion Indicator value.


  • Example: Denny’s record is returning a warning that he has completed a school term in multiple schools in the district. When District Deb looks into it, she sees Denny transferred in January of the school year from Corn Flakes High School to Frosted Flakes High School. He completed the term at Frosted Flakes High School, which displays in his record. He did not complete the term at Corn Flakes High School. Frosted Flakes should have him entered. Deb removes the Term Completion Indicator value from Corn Flakes and contacts Frosted Flakes to update their record on Denny, so they can acknowledge the warning and resolve the issue in WISEdata.


  • Business Rules:

    • Logic--(1) For 2Rs (not part of CMO), Choice (not part of system), CMO, System, District.  (2) For 2015-16 all Choice will be treated as individual schools. For 2016-17, systems may be implemented. (3) 2Rs and Choice schools not members of a parent system will receive this error when two or more enrollment records for the school year have 'Y'.  CMOs, Systems, and District will receive this if any members have two or more OR if two or more members have Term Completion Indicator = Y for the same WISEid.  (4) This rule is not run for Possible Full-Term dropouts.
Additional Comments
For more information, see the Completed School Term data element page