Validation Error 6571

Short Text: Required field, ‘Term Completion Indicator’ is missing.

Long Text: Required field, ‘Term Completion Indicator’ is missing. Identification of whether or not a student completed the school term is required for every enrollment period with an exit date.


NOTE: Term Completion Indicator is the data element term since the 2020-21 school year; 2019-20 school year and prior this same data element was referred to as Completed School Term. 


How to Fix: First verify whether or not the student completed the school term in question at your school. Ensure the exit date for the end of the term is the correct date when the student’s enrollment ended. If an exit date is entered and the student finished at your school, enter a Yes value in the Completed School Term field. If the student did not complete the term at your school, mark the field with a value of No.

Example: Heather’s record is throwing an error that she doesn’t have a value for Term Completion Indicator. District Deb checks into it and sees Heather just finished her sixth grade year at Good Riddance Middle School and has an exit date of June 9 entered on her record. After verifying that Heather finished at Good Riddance, Deb enters a value of Yes in the Term Completion Indicator field to resolve the error.

Technical Details:

Business Rule Logic: Whenever the exit date is not null, (Term Completion Indicator) is required.
Additional Comments

For more info, see the Term Completion Indicator data element page