Validation Error 6752
Error 6752
Short Text: Career Pathway Type is missing for a 'CTE' course. 
Long Text:'CareerPathwayType' is missing for a 'CTE' course. CareerPathwayType should be identified and submitted for every CTE course offered by the district. We recommend middle school to not use CTE Roster codes but If a middle school chooses to offer a CTE course then it is responsible to submit CareerPathwayType associated with the course.
Business Rule Logic: course Level Characteristics (courses) = Career Technical Education
AND career Pathway Type (course Offerings) = NULL
(OR )
course level characteristics (courses) = Career Technical  Education AND WI DPI course offering does not have a record
How to Fix: You're seeing this error because you've submitted a CTE course without the required field for Career Pathway Type. To resolve the issue, you need to submit the appropriate Career Pathway Type for the CTE course. If you do not know where the field is located in your SIS, work with your vendor to find its location and how to correctly submit the CTE data.
Example: District Deb receives an error that the Career Pathway Type wasn't submitted for a CTE course. Deb verifies that the course is a CTE course and then researches to which Career Pathway Type this particular course is associated. She enters the Career Pathway Type value to clear the error. 
For more info, see the Career Pathway Type data element page:
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