Subject: Attention Needed - Staff Collection Progress Alert for 2020-21 - WISEstaff Preliminary Certification

Date: January 7, 2021

We want to thank you for all your efforts as we get ready for another annual WISEstaff Preliminary Certification deadline. The new, extended deadline of January 12, 2021, is approaching quickly, and we are writing to ensure you are able to be ready for the deadline.

We noticed your agency has incomplete tasks on the WISEstaff Staff Collection Checklist for the 2020-21 school year. This could indicate that contracts and/or assignments have not been entered, validation errors or warnings exist, or the Certify Data step has not been completed. The status of your agency’s data was reviewed on January 7, 2021. To check your progress towards completion of the required WISEstaff tasks:

  1. Log in to WISEstaff through WISEhome.
  2. In WISEstaff, go to Home > Staff Collection Checklist.
  3. Look for tasks in the Step One and Step Two sections that have a status of incomplete (red circle). Make the necessary updates to complete those tasks. Completed tasks will show a green check mark in the Status column.
  4. Click the Complete Preliminary Agency Certification link (task 2e.), check the acknowledgment box, and then click Save to confirm your preliminary certification. 

Note: If you already completed the Preliminary Certification step and have reviewed and resolved new validation errors or warnings, you do not need to re-certify. 
Open Office Hours for Help with WISEstaff
We are extending our January 12 WISEstaff user group call to 90 minutes to offer assistance with any last minute WISEstaff questions before the January 12 preliminary certification deadline. If you have questions regarding staff assignments, errors and warnings, or any procedural questions, this extended meeting will be a great opportunity to ask and learn.

If you need additional guidance, please reach out to us. We are here to support you in submitting the most accurate data in advance of the upcoming deadline. Please contact the Customer Services team via a Help Desk Ticket.                                         

Thank you for your continued attention to data quality!


 DPI Customer Services Team



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