The Department of Public Instruction (DPI) is reaching out to District Security Administrators. In an effort to improve data security, DPI is revoking the access to DPI secure data applications for users who have not logged in during the past 18 months or longer. Access revocation for these unused accounts will occur February 18, 2021

While there is no action you need to take, DPI encourages districts and Choice schools to conduct their own security audits. If you find user roles that are still assigned but are no longer valid, please revoke them. 

If you would like to re-assign a role that has been revoked, follow the normal WISEsecure access procedures to assign a role. To review the setup steps, see the WISE Application User Roles tutorial

If you need additional guidance, please reach out to us. Please contact the WISEdata Customer Services team via Help Desk Ticket.                                   

Thank you,
DPI Customer Services Team