Validation Error 7155

Message: No students have been been submitted for the discipline incident in this school. To fix the error report the student(s) involved in the discipline incident. If the incident is wrongly reported then delete the discipline incident.

How to Fix: This warning appears if a discipline incident has been submitted without a student. To fix the error, add the student or students involved to the discipline incident and resubmit it. You can also delete the discipline incident if it was erroneously reported.

Example: District Deb sees a warning indicating that a discipline incident was submitted without an attached student record. She investigates and finds that the incident included two students, Amy and Robert. Deb adds those students to the discipline incident and resubmits it, clearing the error.

Technical Details

Business Logic: Throws on Discipline Incident. Do not throw for Choice, DOC, and DHS.Discipline Incident exists but 0 Student Discipline Incident Association