The new High Cost Special Education Aid application will be available as of Thursday, April 8 in WiSFiP (Wisconsin School Finance Portal) for claiming costs of providing special education and related services to individual students, beginning with 2020-21 aid claims for students served in 2019-20. Here is how to gain access to the application.

IMPORTANT! If you already have WiSFiP access for finance purposes (School Level Reporting) you will still need to complete this process. Student and finance data access in WiSFiP are separate.

Step 1: Request Access in WISEhome

  1. Log into WISEhome using your WAMS ID or a district/agency email account.
  2. In WISEhome, select Request Access at the top of the screen.
  3. On the Customer Request Access form, fill out the required fields, including your District, which schools within that district you need access for, your job title, and the Applications you’re requesting access to. For High Cost Special Education Aid, request Application access to WiSFiP (Wisconsin School Finance Portal) and in the Comments field put "Student Data Administrator." Once you fill out the form, click Request Access.
  4. Once you’ve submitted an access request, you can check the status of your request by going to the App Request Status page. Search for pending access requests by Request Date, Organization/Suborganization, Application, or Role. You'll be notified by email and on the App Request Status page when your request is approved or denied.

Step 2: District Security Administrator Grants Access
Your district security administrator (usually your superintendent/district administrator) will need to approve your request. Instructions are available on the Assign Access to WISEhome Applications page. They should assign you access with the "Student Data" role.

If You Need Help
The SFS Team does not have direct access to WISEhome user assignments. Contact the Customer Service Team (CST) for assistance: WISEhome, WISEsecure, or WAMS Help Ticket

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