Title:  WISEdata Spring Demographic Snapshot Communication

Recipients: All public districts' WISEdata Contacts


DPI will conduct the WISEdata Spring Demographic Snapshot Thursday, June 3, 2021.  This is two days later than the date originally communicated.  We changed the date to allow schools and districts some work time after the Memorial Day holiday weekend.  To ensure everyone takes the holiday weekend to recharge, we are hosting office hours the week prior to the snapshot to answer your questions instead of having weekend support.  

Office hours will be held May  26 from 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM.

All demographics will be captured in the snapshot: Race/Ethnicity, Gender, Grade Level, Disability Status, EL Status, Homeless Status, Parent in Military, and the two data elements for Economically Disadvantaged Status-- Economically Disadvantaged Status and Food Services Eligibility.  Please see the WISEdata COVID 19 Data Submission page for guidance on submitting Economic Status data. 

WISEdata Portal export files are a good resource to use when verifying student counts and demographic data.  Some export spreadsheets that may be helpful are Student Demographics, Student School Food Service Program Associations, and for public districts Special Education Data Export.  You may also receive a Data Quality Alert in the WISEdata Portal to alert you to any specific data quality issues that you may need to address prior to snapshot.  

Public districts also have access to the WISEdash For Districts demographic snapshot dashboard. 

NOTE: Some SIS vendors require IEPs to be in a “closed” status in order for students’ special education data to be reported to WISEdata.  Please consult your vendor customer service if you have specific questions related to special education reporting. 

Please take this opportunity to review your student data to ensure your enrollment and  demographic values are up-to-date and accurate for the snapshot.  Please have your data changes or corrections made before the end of the day on Wednesday, June 2, 2021. Please note that the information captured in this snapshot will be used for state and federal accountability purposes this year as well as in future years.  Specifically, the demographics captured in this snapshot will be linked to the assessment results for required reporting.  

Our WISEdata Annual Tasks Checklist is available on the DPI website as a snapshot resource.  If you have any questions or issues, please open a help ticket.  


Thank you,

DPI Customer Services Team