Validation Warning 7163 - Compassion Exit Type

Short Text: Exit Type, ‘Compassion Exit’ (CE)  is used.

Long Text: This exit type may be used only for sensitive cases limited to when student is: 

1) abducted and presumed dead, 

2) terminally ill and no longer able to receive education services, 

3) removed to an unknown location by ICE, or 

4) is unable to receive education services for the remainder of the school year due to mental health or addiction treatment and is expected to return during the next school year. 

To use the compassion exit for a student in mental health or addiction treatment, your school must work with the DPI Customer Services Team by submitting a Help Ticket, to determine whether this exit type is valid for each student. Acknowledge the warning if the student is appropriately identified as requiring the compassion exit type. (NOTE: Select WISEdata Portal from the application dropdown list when creating the Help Ticket.)

How to Fix: Due to the delicate nature of this exit type, each use of the compassion exit type will throw an error 7163. In order to clear the error, and before you acknowledge it, you must contact the DPI Customer Service Team. Each compassion exit case needs to be confirmed through a conversation with a DPI CST rep as being the correct exit type for the unique situation of the student. If another exit type is a better fit, the DPI CST rep will instruct you on what exit type to use.   

Example: District Devin has a student who is in a Residential Care Center, and therefore not obtaining their education in the physical classroom. Devin uses the  compassion exit (CE) exit type, and receives the warning 7163. Knowing that a representative from the DPI’s Customer Services Team needs to discuss each individual ‘CE’ case, Devin submits a CST Help Desk Ticket and schedules a time to talk to the CST rep. After the conversation, CST confirms that CE is the correct exit type to use in the case of her particular student, so District Devin acknowledges the warning.

Technical Details:

Business Rule Logic: Throws on Submitting school SSA If Exit type = CE


Additional Comments: For more information about exit types in sensitive situations, refer to the Exit Types data element page, and the Exiting Students in Sensitive Cases page. Visit the Customer Services webpage or the WISE Help Ticket page to submit a Help Ticket if you need to communicate with a Customer Services representative about a potential compassion exit case.