Validation Warning 6769
Short Text: Enrollment exists for the student, but student has 'Zero' student Section Associations.
Long Text: Enrollment exists for the student, but student has 'Zero' student Section Associations.
Business Logic (2019-20 school year and later): Do not throw for PK, K3, and K4.
Throw on enrollment
Enrollment record exists for the student,  SSA exit date is NULL or > 30 days (entry to exit).  If multiple enrollments exist then for each enrollment type check if student sections are 0. Use SSA base entry-exit date to match against student section . Do not use effective dates 
  • Note: The District has a responsibility to report the RCC students data. The district is responsible for submitting the roster data from the RCC. This is similar to how if a student takes a course at a college, the college does not submit the roster record, the district must submit the roster records. If the RCC is a private school then all the courses can be mapped to courses like Math, Science etc. If the RCC is not a private school, then the student is taking courses is a public district somewhere. RCCs which are private schools are so specific for reporting to WISEdata by the district is it because they are defined by and controlled by specific Wisconsin State Statute.

Business Logic (2018-19 school year and earlier): Enrollment record exists for the student, but student Section Associations extensions (of same entry date) = 0 
How to Fix: This warning displays to alert you to a potential issue with a mismatch between enrollment and class section associations for the student. In this case, the warning displays when the student has an active enrollment at your school but no student Section Associations, meaning it doesn't appear as though the student is enrolled in any classes. Verify that the student is truly enrolled at your school. If the student is enrolled, figure out in which classes and submit the appropriate Roster course work data, including student Section Associations. If the student is no longer enrolled, enter the appropriate exit data and submit to WISEdata.
Example: District Deb sees a warning on Fred's record that he is enrolled in Beta High School but has 0 student Section Associations. Deb knows if he's enrolled, he's sure to be taking classes, so she checks into the situation. She finds that Fred has an active enrollment at Beta but somehow none of his course section data was submitted to WISEdata. Deb works with her SIS vendor to send the course data for Fred.
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